The Associated Residence Halls (ARH) and the Hawkeye Chapter of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) provide many fundraising opportunities for students in the Residence Halls. These fundraising efforts allow for these organizations to host/assist with a multitude of events to students across campus and in the halls such as Mirage, Spring it On, On Iowa Tie Dye, OTM Writing parties, & many more!  These opportunities are listed below: 

  • Micro-Chills: A Micro-chill is an approved Refrigerator, Freezer, and microwave combination. The partner company provides a free in room delivery at the beginning of the school year as well as constant communication and availability as the year goes on. see this website for information on your current MicroChill:
  • Futons: Want a futon without the hassle of the store?! This option allows you to purchase and receive your furniture in your room before you arrive to campus! Check out this link for more information:
  • Linens and Care Packages: Our Linens Program allows students & parents to order linen patterns they love and will fit the dimensions of the beds in our residence halls! These linens are delivered right to your residence hall for easy pick up during move-in! Care Packages are an opportunity to send someone you love a piece of home, a little study break fuel or just the essentials! Care Packages can be sent anytime throughout the year but most arrive at the beginning of the year, for special holidays, and during finals weeks. For more information about these programs please visit