Each hall association consist of the following positions.  These are the minimum positions, and some hall associations may have additional roles.  Contact the building's Hall Coordinator for additional information.


  • Shall be the administrator and official representative
  • Shall have the power to make all necessary appointments
  • Shall preside over all meetings of the Executive Board
  • Shall preside over all Hall Association Meetings.
  • Shall not have a vote in the Hall Association Meetings with the exception of a tie.
  • Shall have the power to call special meetings of the Board.
  • Shall attend all meetings, or designate an alternate attendee of the ARH Cabinet, general assembly, executive board, and one-on-one meetings with the Hall Association Advisor.
  • Each president must attend three-fourths (¾) of the meetings in order to be in good standing in
  • Shall handle all correspondences between the hall association and other offices located on the University of Iowa campus.
  • Shall keep updated transitional materials of suggestions and procedures that will be passed on to successors.


  • Shall be responsible for serving in the absence of the President.
  • Shall oversee all ad-hoc committees approved by the hall associations
  • Shall oversee all recommendations of future hall improvements.
  • Shall directly oversee that proceedings of the Hall Association are being conducted based on the Hall Association’s Constitution and serve as the Parliamentarian.

Finance Director

  • Shall oversee all the expenses of (insert hall name).
  • Shall present the Hall Association with a complete and itemized financial statement at the request of any member. At the same time reporting the balance of each account monthly.
  • Shall attend meetings of the ARH Financial Board or designate an alternate if unable to attend.
  • Shall keep annual budgets that will be passed on from year to year. 
  • Shall keep a detailed and up-to-date ledger of all financial records.
  • Report income, expenditures, and current balances in the 450 and 950 accounts.
  • Shall prepare and publish a complete an annual financial budget for the members of the Executive Board one month after H.E.R.O. Training.
  • Must comply with the ARH Financial Board By-laws.

Communications and Marketing Director

  • Shall be responsible for taking, distributing, and posting minutes of all meetings.
  • Shall coordinate and oversee all advertising and marketing tasks.
  • Shall be responsible for creating marketing materials for all major hall events in collaboration with board members.
  • Shall be responsible for updating all electronic documents related to (insert hall name).
  • Shall keep records of the phone numbers of important contacts of the Hall Association members.

Program Director

  • Shall be responsible for all aspects of programs unless otherwise discussed by the Executive Board.
  • Shall work with the Communications and Marketing Director on publicity and advertising of all programming initiatives.
  • Shall attend meetings of the ARH Programming Board or shall specify an alternate for said meeting.
  • Shall serve as chair of the Programming Committee of their hall if deemed necessary by the Executive Board.

ARH Senators

  • 3 to 5 Senators shall be elected for each hall association.
  • Shall attend the ARH Senate Meetings on Monday night at 7:00 PM.
  • Shall report back to their Executive Board of what is taking place within ARH (Associated Residence Halls).
  • Shall be required to attend and be a part of an ARH committee. The different committees include the following: Sustainability, Diversity, Academics, and Student Life Advisory.

Resident Assistant (RA) Co-Advisor

  • The RA Co-Advisor for (insert hall name) shall be the designated RA(s) of (hall name).
  • Shall not vote in the House Senate meetings, Executive Board meetings or elections.
  • Shall remain an unbiased party.
  • Shall assist and advice the (insert hall name) Executive Board in matter pertaining to board activities on a bi-weekly basis.


  • Definition: A director from the ARH Executive Board who acts as a resource to the Hall Association assigned to them by the ARH Associations Director.
  • Duties:
  • Shall attend Executive Board and Hall Association meetings based on the expectations set by the Liaison, Hall Association President, and Hall Association Advisor.
  • Does not have a vote in hall matters.
  • Shall provide updates to (insert hall name) regarding ARH’s development and activities.


  • The primary advisor for (insert hall name) shall be the Hall Coordinator or Assistant Hall Coordinator of (hall name).
  • Shall not vote in the House meetings, Senate meetings, Executive Board meetings, or elections.
  • Shall remain an unbiased party.
  • Shall conduct one-on-one meetings with the President on a bi-weekly basis and with the Finance Director on a monthly basis.
  • Shall maintain transitional materials and coordinate the elections processes.