NACURH – NACURH (the National Association of College and University Residence Halls) is a national organization, the “parent” organization of MACURH.  It is considered the largest student run organization in the world expanding to the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Qatar. NACURH is founded with the common goal of encouraging idea and information exchange between residence hall government groups across the country.   This organization holds a national conference each year, usually in May, which the University of Iowa is represented by a select delegation of representatives.   This year, NACURH 2016 will be hosted at University of Delaware. For more information, log on to

MACURH – MACURH (the Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls) is a regional organization, which provides important opportunities for residence hall student government leaders to refine leadership skills and network with other student leaders throughout the Midwest.  Each year ARH sends delegates of the University of Iowa to regional meetings and conferences of this organization.  This year, MACURH will be holding its annual conference at University of Missouri on October 30-Novermber 1, 2015.  Applications to attend the MACURH Conference are available in the ARH/NRHH Office.  For more information, log on to

Resource File Index (RFI)– The Resource File Index, sponsored by NACURH, is a collection of reports written by student leaders in the Residence Halls.  Reports cover all aspect of Residence Life, from Alcohol Alternative Programming to Visitation Policies.  ARH keeps a number of reports on file, and they are available to any interested parties.  ARH also continually orders more reports from the Resource File Index based on Student Interest. 

National Services and Recognition Office (NSRO)– The National Services and Recognition Office. Our purpose is to manage the non-technical services of NACURH. Well what does that mean? Simply put we coordinate many of the services offered for all the affiliated schools in NACURH and its eight affiliated regions, including the Of-The-Month (OTM) program and all NACURH and NRHH merchandise. Our office works very closely with the National Board of Directors, NRHH National Board, and of course the most important people we work with and for are the member schools of NACURH!