Associated Residence Halls (ARH) is the governing body of The University of Iowa’s residence halls. ARH was awarded the Hawkeye Leadership Award for Student Organization of the Year in 2010 for its reemergence on campus and its continual drive to provide representation for its residents. The Hawkeye Leadership Awards aim to recognize the 400+ student organizations and members for their achievement over the academic year. Within the halls, all residents contribute to ARH upon signing their housing agreement. Early in the fall semester, each hall elects their executives who will contribute to ARH directly through representing their halls in several meetings, such as the ARH Senate, Financial Board, and Cabinet meetings. The ARH Board of Directors are elected in the spring semester through an election process conducted during a Senate meeting. The ARH Board of Directors is guided by an advisor (Residence Education Coordinator) who works within the Office of Residence Education.

Direction and Mission of ARH:

Mission Statement: Associated Residence Halls (ARH) is the governing body of the individual residence halls of The University of Iowa working for the betterment of residence life through policy and legislation based from feedback and ideas derived from the ARH Board of Directors, individual hall government associations, and the residents.

· ARH is to be the unifying factor for all of the residence halls (hence, ―Associated‖).

· ARH is to be the experienced and supporting factor for all of the residence halls.

· ARH is to be the vehicle of change as we have the ability to implement policies and bring ideas to reality that can impact every hall government, and more specifically, every resident.

Therefore, ARH brings the residence hall governments together, guides them in the right direction, and lays down the pathway to make life better for the residents.